About Us

                    All India BSNL DOT Pensioners Association was formed in the National Convention held at New Delhi on 21st October 2009. Our Association is committed to fight for the genuine demands of the BSNL DOT pensioners. In that respect AIBDPA is different from other associations. Peculiar issues that have arisen and later became complicated necessitated the formation of AIBDPA. AIBDPA is ably and sincerely supported by the BSNL Employees Union, the biggest and the recognized union in BSNL. It is equally concerned about the severe attack on BSNL and, therefore, committed to join struggles being organized by the serving unions to protect BSNL. We shall continue to be part and parcel of the working class fraternity in the country. We will associate with other associations with similar outlook for the common cause of the pensioners. We believe in progressive thinking and democratic functioning.